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Gym Bans People “Who Received the Experimental Covid Vaccine”

by Adan Salazar
July 21st 2021, 5:48 pm
'If you got this experimental vaccine, please keep your distance from organic people for at least 28 days'
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A gym in Canada says it will not welcome people who’ve “received the experimental Covid vaccine.”

In a Facebook post last month, the Fearless Boxing Club in Toronto announced a ban on prospective gym-goers who’ve been vaccinated within the last 28 days.

“For the safety of our members, the Fearless Boxing Club will no longer be accepting those who received the experimental Covid vaccine,” reads a post from the gym on social media.

The post goes on to explain clinical trials have not been conducted on the shot, and notes too many adverse side effects are occurring.

“Our current members including doctors, nurses, teachers, parents & many youth feel safer waiting until more research is done on the side effects being discovered right now. Thank you!”

In an update showing how numerous people applauded the gym’s decision, the gym’s founder Mohammed Abedeen recommended vaccinated people to stay away from “organic people” for at least 28 days.

“Everyone Is So Proud Of Their Life Choices Lately, I Just Wanted To Share….DIDN’T Get My Shot!!” Abedeen wrote, adding, “(My family won’t be getting the shot, my friends won’t be, the doctors, nurses, teachers and police I work with won’t be and all the amazing members of Fearless Boxing Club won’t be!!)”

“P.S. If you got this experimental vaccine, please keep your distance from organic people for at least 28 days….and if you’re one of the thousands of Canadians experiencing side effects contact ‘VIS’ (Vaccine Injury Support Program).”

The club’s Instagram bio notes it was “BUILT in the lockdown, OPENED in the lockdown & WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!”

Meanwhile, Canada shows no signs of relenting on their vaccine program, reaching a deal in April with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to receive 35 million booster shots in 2022, and 30 million in 2023.

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