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MSNBC: “Christian Nationalist” Supreme Court “Sided With The Virus” By Shooting Down Vaccine Mandate

by Steve Watson
January 14th 2022, 7:07 am
Justices "should all just have right-wing talk radio shows"
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The Supreme Court’s decision not to uphold Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate for private businesses sparked anger and vitriol on the left, with MSNBC broadcasting programming declaring that the court has “sided with the virus” for not approving compulsory injections.

Joy Reid, yes her again, opened her broadcast by stating “the U.S. Supreme Court siding with the virus today by blocking the Biden administration’s rule requiring vaccine mandates for companies employing more than 100 people.”

She later added “I think they’re ideologues. I think they’re right-wing ideologues I think they’re sort of doing sort of a Christian Nationalist version of you know whatever it is the Supreme Court used to do.”

Reid further proclaimed that the conservative justices on the court “don’t really care if this causes lots of people to die, clearly.”

She also asked “Have they not just simply stated by their actions that they are more in favor of right-wing politics, the kind of DeSantis style right-wing politics than they are in favor of saving lives?”

Reid further declared that the justices “should all just have right-wing talk radio shows,” adding “they are not justices in the great tradition of Supreme Court justices. They’re just politicians. As far as I’m concerned, I see nothing about what they’re doing that I can possibly respect.”


All of that is quite an about turn coming from such a previously stringent anti-vaxxer like Reid.

Reid also doesn’t seem to care about saving lives when it suits her politics.

Other extreme leftists were also distraught that the Supreme Court didn’t approve forced vaccination:


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